Wooden Wars: Something whiskered this way comes!

 “Hurt him - Hurt Him? Hurt Him? (Chuckles) I Was Gonna Turn Him Into Soot & Ashes!!”
- Mouse King (Nutcracker)

A page from my sketchbook.

I usually don’t show off such rough drafts, but I’m really excited about this new project and, in true artist fashion, if I show it to you then I’ll have to finish it!

The Mouse King’s Army (sketches)!
It just makes sense, right?  I’ve had a lot of customers buy Wooden Wars soldiers for the express purpose of using them as decorations on their Christmas trees. This got me to thinking about the Nutcracker, a favorite story (and ballet) of mine on many levels, and the battle between the Nutcracker leading the toy soldiers against the Mouse king and his army, of course.   Hmm...Mouse King and his army… this totally needs to happen.
Soldier head, back. Tail will be separate

I work out how pieces fit by using tracing paper. The O.G. photoshop.
These rough outline sketches kinda give you an idea how I work and where I’m going with these figures.  The story being set in Russia or Germany (depending on the version) I’ve decided to go for a more Austrian-ish looking uniform.  Maybe I just like the idea of the contrast of white uniforms against the mouse greys and browns.  

When are these going to be available?!
My goal is to have these available in my store early November 2014.

Stay tuned and if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see with the Mouse King and his army, I’m all ears (and tail, and whiskers)!

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