Wooden Wars: Pacificon- La Haye Bloque

" Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained."
~ Duke of Wellington

I am Presented With an Award!
The third battle of Pacificon 2013 started with yours truly getting a surprise award. a ducal proclamation b y General Lee Adequate and Major General Modern( aka Steve Bean Games). I was awarded with a bowling ball (to hold for Geneva convention reasons) and a unit of very well painted Weebles- which sadly I don't have a good picture of currently. The entire affair was done with the correct amount of pomp and put a huge smile on my face!  

 With my new rank of "Field Marshal of Wooden Wars" pinned to my ego and the awards ceremony complete, the combatants were eager to win their own awards.

My apologies if this post seems a bit verbose with images, but there were so many that told a good story to be left out.

La Haye Bloque- or  the Battle of Columns
The Battle commenced with some preliminary scouting of the battlefield, testing the strength of the objective position,  The farmhouse of La Haye Bloque. After beginning salvos, both armies  formed into columns and raced for the farm house with grenadier battalions spearheading the operation. The artillery crews were beaming with so many wonderful targets, but to the amazement of many spectators, and the relief of the infantry officers, were not as effective as in previous battles.

Blue army commanders

Red army commanders

Miraculously, the statue stayed up the entire battle!

Infantry march to the objective while cavalry work the flanks.

The building changed hands at least three times during the action, in brisk hand to hand fighting.  Of particular mention was Captain Shannon, who managed to maneuver her infantry completely around the building using it for cover, then entering behind the enemy, who, realizing the precarious situation, high tailed it out of there! 

Look closely you can see three cannon balls bouncing between columns!

Gunners eye view

First unit in takes fire!

Each side has control of sections.

The numbers on the activation tokens tell the tale.

A bold advance towards the enemies flag is roundly checked!

Captain Shannon outflanks the enemy and comes in from behind! Brilliant!

Hot cavalry on Cavalry Action- the Sons of Mars Revisited! 
Both flanks saw heated cavalry battles, and each turn activation markers were turned over with excitement or dread to see who would  be able to go first.  Red army's cavalry were dubbed the "sons of Mars" as charge after charge went home into the blue army's squadrons, cutting them down.  on the right flank the red army  gained the activation and charged, only to find themselves a mere inch shy of victory. Despite great team work efforts of the infantry and artillery to support them, ( they did take down the officer of the blue army hussars)  the Blue army counter charged into the blown horses and took them down.  It was pretty epic!
Squares are formed as enemy cavalry get within charge range.

Breaking a Square!
With two Hussar enemy hussar squadrons  eying the flag,  Blue armies commander ordered a square to be formed around it.  Just in time too, as the next activation had first one squad charge the square only to bounce and be taken down, but not without doing some casualties-  then another successive charge by the elite Hussars  (the 5th, my personal unit) which after a hard fought melee, broke the square and captured the flag, ending the battle! 

Blue army forms square just before the first hussar unit hits, bouncing them

Second charge into a weakened square- melee ensues

The 5th Hussars are victorious capturing the flag, and the medal!

After action Reports
I've now had the pleasure of running over 20 Wooden Wars battles at conventions over the last couple of years, and I think this was probably the most action packed suspenseful and enjoyable one yet. As players get more familiar with the game, and tactics (8-15 year old officers discussing flanking, the merits and perils of column march or when to form square) the battles start running themselves- which leaves me time for more oration of the battle. 

As this year's campaign season comes to a close, I'm one happy hussar.
Cheers, and thanks for a great year!


  1. Congratulations! What you are doing for younger wargamers with Wooden Wars is priceless. A reward well deserved!



  2. Smashingly good stuff old bean! Looking forward to more Wooden Wars goodness in 2014.

  3. I want a cannon that fires three of those bowling balls.

  4. Thomas, the Major General and I were honored to award you the well-earned title of Field Marshal of the Wooden Wars and place under your command the Duke's personal guard unit, the elite Duke of Weebleton's Regiment (West Leaning). Long may you wage the Wooden Wars! I have placed duerrogatypes (photos) of the regiment at www.stevebeangames.com - for your viewing pleasure and that of your patrons.

  5. Steve- Fantastic! thanks for the link!

  6. Mr. Foss,
    What type of wood do you use for your figures?
    Also last year I featured your endeavor on my blog. Keep up the good work!

  7. Jeff- I use a marine grade 3mm birch plywood, usually from Finland or Russia. It has great grain and very strong, and does not use phenolic glue, which is heat resistant ( lasers don't do well with it).

    Please to send me the link to your blog, I'd love to see it.

  8. http://forhonourssake.blogspot.ca/
    Thanks for the advice as I am working on a project similar to yours except I'll use my scroll saw as I can't afford a laser set-up like yours. I'm old school!