Wooden Wars: WIP Troops and Colors

“Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes... you are going to paint the eyes, right? ”
-attributed to Israel Putnam

Drum and flag beats drum and base!
Fast and furious posting as things heat up for both the imminent launch of my Web-store ("two more weeks" is the new battle cry) and for getting ready to run three massive games at ConQuest Pacificon Labor Day weekend.  

First off is the new British-ish drum and standard arms.  They fit the stouter British lads very well, and of course have the correct cuffs. The flag pole and finnial is based off of the British "spear" style. The flag I am using here is made by Victrix. In order to make it fit my larger flag pole, I added a sleeve and glued the flag to it. Soon I'll get around to doing a color version of my WWS style flags, but for now Victrix are sexy!

The British are Coming... along
3 regiments of foot in their birthday suits.

The up and coming officers. Note the new standing horse model.

For the upcoming convention I am hoping to field classic French-ish and conquered  allied city states  vs. British-ish and allies.  As all the previous British units I have painted have all marched off to Kickstarter Backers, I need more troops.  These 3 units, including one guard unit, will help fill the gap. I've also conscripted commissioned two of my friends (literally by just sending them units) into doing up 2 more infantry units.  Hey, they were free-ish...

Austrian- ish Artillery battery 

I've added bi-corns to all the artillery crew.

This stylish 3 gun battery is a commission for one of my Kickstarter Backers at the King level. Blog readers will recall I painted up units in rose and white for troops to be commanded by a young lady who's favorite color is pink. These fellows, inspired by historical  Austrian artillery, will be sporting some rose, mostly on their bicorns and trim on the trousers, and cuffs. The rest will be white, and maybe brown, coats... still working on that. 

Iron  Mask Miniatures  - Dwarves and Ogres !!!

 Kinda sneaking this in again, but if you have not yet looked at the Iron Mask Miniatures Kickstarter please do yourself (and me) a favor and go check it out back it!  I really want this one to succeed - the dwarves are sweet-ish, but the Ogres are my new favorite miniature!

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