Operation Wooden Ships: Carriers and Subs

This Christmas found me pushing the limits on my honorary Elf union card. I managed to knock out 13 wooden toys of various shapes and skill sets before the fat man came tromping on my roof.

Following up on a previous post request, here is an aircraft carrier, a squadron of planes and two subs I made for my children's fleets.

The Carrier in it's rough form. Like the others, this bad boy is made of poplar.

Since I made the Carrier for my son, I built two Submarines for my daughter

A minnow and a "shark" class sub. Note Hellcats drying in the background

All of my ships are meant to be more "Iconic" of the actual vessels they protray. My inspirations are from both World wars- what ever looks the coolest to me (and I think I can make).

Finished Carrier- named USS Hornet, after the origonal, moored about an hour from us.

Size comparison, next to the USS Battley.

Top and bottoms of the "hellcats". Very Quick and dirty, but effective.

finished subs. First painted one color, they tended to get stepped on.

Two shots of Task force F, patrolling the Saltillo seas.
The fleet gets divvied up for our "Wooden Battleship" games.

 In our last battle the carrier was able to launch all her fighters which ended up sinking the Battley. More on the rules mechanics later, but suffice to say, there were many fingers counted to see the damage was added correctly!