Project Lustria: Part 2

Happy Chritsmas, cool yule, and a stocking full of rum to us all!!!

Sorry I've been tardy on the ol' blog and chain but both my digital camera and my computer went belly up over the last couple of months, and I am slowly getting things things back to plum. With this in mind, and christmas projects abounding, I will be shotgunning a few blogs past you in quick broadsides, so keep a weather eye!

This year one of my gaming groups decided to do a Secret Santa trade, with the theme being our hobby, of course.

I was lucky to get my pal Aron Clark, whom we just presented with a warmaster Lizardman army for his wedding gift a few months back. His gift, and something I've been toying with, was a no brainer! Project Lustria went into full swing. I decided to do a small temple, a plaza, and a bit of ruins ala a sculpture.

The temple top and some ruins, made of super sculpy.
The skull disc is a resin shield from one of my old Mecha models.

The temple with the sacrificial altar and top design placed upon it.  I had some sculpy left, so I decided to make a small spawning pool, staring as a rectangle.

A couple of  side view shots to show the detailing in the stonework. The inside is made of poplar scraps I had left over from the battleship project.  You can also see some underpainting of the ruins bits. I placed them on reversed tape to make painting easier.

I included this shot for scale. The temple is big enough to hold a full warmaster unit of three stands on top.


  1. Where will the Latte machine be located???

  2. Alfrik- Well there is a spawning pool... will that work?

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