Space Scrappers 24 hour deal


It's 24 hours before launching my Space Scrappers Kickstarter, and I want to let you in on the 24 hour deal I am having. 

This is a limited edition mini- so if you want it make sure to jump in on the pledge! 

Here's a reminder link for the kickstarter that will remind you when we go live

Space Scrappers link 

Scale comparisons 

How tall is your dwarf? Here are two scale comparison shots with some old school GW rogue trader era minis. 



Space Scrappers: Kickstarter launches on June 15


My Space Scrappers Kickstarter is ready, and will launch in a week. Always looking for more in the Adventure party!  

sign up here , and I'll notify you when it launches! 


Space Scrappers: G4NDF



Astrographer cyborg G4NDF accompanies Thorngrim and Company on their adventures, acting as astro-navigator and advisor. His wealth of knowledge can identify arcane and ancient technologies, and more importantly, who will pay the highest price.  

 I received some first casts for review this week, and could not wait to put paint on some of them. G4NDF is done up in classic color scheme. Drew Day Williams did a bang up job on the sculpt, and it's really a treat to paint.

I'll admit I may have watched 2 hours or more on how to paint a power weapon on the YouTubes... I still need more brush time on those, but not bad for a first try.


Lightbox backdrops: Space Interiors


Space Lightbox Backdrop

I needed a backdrop to shoot scenario and other pictures for my upcoming Space Scrappers Kickstarter. I've already been working on a space tile set, so I had the ground floor (one of the large room tiles) and built a stage wall to go with it. 

Base wall piece made from parts, and the obligatory straw

example of painted room tile. all the details are lasercut in.

I built a back stop that "clicks" onto the floor tile using my puzzle system, and just lean the wall flat up against it. This way I can story it very easily, as it all break down. 

Here in these last pics you can see the hallway section connected, and a door piece WIP. 

And there you go- just add actors and lighting!  


Space Scrappers: Finders Greens


Philly and Kily are the youngest of Thorngrim’s Company, which makes them perfect for the role of Finders. With their trusty “Bill” P0-NE they scout out ancient treasures and technology. Greens for my upcoming “Space Scrappers” Kickstarter 



Space Scrappers: Hero Greens


Drew has been busy closing in on all the master sculpts, aka "greens" for my upcoming Kickstarter. Here are some of the heroes of the adventure party. 


Space Scrappers: First Greens


Here are the first greens finished for my upcoming Space Scrappers Adventure party. Drew is really capturing the old school vibe, and the level of detail.


Space Scrappers: Bijo Buckets



Biljo Buckets

Biljo Buckets was a janitor on an Imperial Heavy Cruiser. As a Halfling he could dodge most everyone (and his job) on the ship, often ducking into small places or travelling through air ducts. Most of this exploration also involved petty theft, mostly in the form of food from the galley. During one of these adventures Biljo  fell into a sanitation reclamator, almost killing him- but as he scrambled out he saw something shiny on a ground a ring- a famed Jockero ring. This particular ring was not outfitted as a weapon, but instead creates a chameleon like field around the wearer, rendering Biljo almost invisible.

One day Biljo saw servitors loading supplies and food onto an attached Rogue Trader ship- he snuck on, and fell asleep, only to wake up with an angry looking dwarf standing above him. After some parlaying, Biljo has signed on to Thorgrim’s company as the official burglar and scout.


Space Scrappers: Cutters



Although all scrappers are veterans fighters when needs be, the Cutters are the toughest of the lot. Named from the tools they use to dismantle hulks or tearing through bulkheads to get the goods, Cutters are quite adept at taking on raiding orks, rampaging tyranids or rogue security robots. Concept 

Art for an upcoming Adventure Kickstarter from Skull & Crown miniatures.

Space Scrappers: Clearer and Blasters


Clearers and Blasters 

The edges of the galaxy are a deadly place. Part of Thorngrim’s company of Space Scrappers is made up of stalwart veteran soldiers called blasters and clearers, who protect the company while treasure hunting, plus collecting on bounties the Rogue Trader might have procured.

Armored with dwarven forged power armor akin to the best Mark X marine suits and armed with a variety of shooty weapons that appeal to the individual, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Concept art for my upcomong Space Scrappers Kickstarter 

Thorngrim and Company: Space Scrappers


“Thorngrim and Company, at your Service.”

Jorvik Thorngrim is a high-caliber Rogue Trader and leader of an elite company of “Scrappers” - a hearty mix of dwarf miners and warriors - who specialize in exploring space hulks and asteroids for untold treasures and alien technologies.  Because of his status within the Adeptera and the nature of his work on the fringes of the galaxy, he is accompanied by an Astrogater called G4NDF to help explore and map the unknown.

The real reason Thorgrim became a Rogue Trader is his search for the fabled hearthcore of his clan, taken by a Void Demon that destroyed his belter colony home world. He may appear to be an adventurer, but at heart he just wants to reestablish a new home for his people.  In order to succeed, Thorngrim must first find the hearthstone.

Concept art for my upcoming Space Scrappers Kickstarter. 


Thorgrim and Company: Space Scrappers WIP


Thorgrim and Company: Space Scrappers- 

So, starting a new project. I've always loved the old space dwarves from GW, in particular the original guy they did in full armor, with what looks to be a pepper box multi laser type gun.  So, with the help of Drew Williams in the role of the sculptor, and Aaron Howdle as the dashing young concept artist, I'm building up a set of minis, based on a particular adventure party of which I am also very fond. 

Different Roles: 

All of our hero scrappers have a job to do, as they roam the galaxy with the Rogue Trader Thorgrim, finding lost treasures and adventures.  I'm breaking the roles into the following: Finders, Blasters, Clearers, and Cutters.   

These greens are our first delvings into the roles- how they look, what kinds of armor and tools/weapons make sense for the role, and of course each having a personality. 

That's all for now- stay tuned as I develop more of this upcoming adventure. 

The O.G. space dwarf (not my paint job- but I love it) 


Killer Rabbits 2: Painted Siege Tower


I've painted up an example of the Siege tower. It goes really quickly, and looks the part.  We have 8 days left in the  Killer Rabbits 2 Kickstarter, and are coming closer and closer to unlocking the  Free big dog and pavilion stretch goal, so let's get the word out- and come check it out yourself! 


Killer Rabbits 2 : Recreating a siege castle from manuscript drawings


 Have fun storming the Castle!

As my Killer Rabbits 2 Kickstarter hits its midpoint and going strong, I've been working on the castle backdrop "flat" for one of the add-ons, while Drew has sculpting the miniatures. I want to share with you the process of what goes into making something like this.

Manuscript "concept"

First I start with the concept that inspired it all. Then I go to the literal drawing board/sketch book, and break down scale, functionality of the model (it needs to hold minis), and start making sketches based on scale and how many parts.

At the drawing board- looking at two castles for reference

Next I cut some "White box" tests, to make sure pieces fit together, are easy to assemble and have the overall stability I want in the model when finished. This went through 4 changes, each time cutting a set, assembling, making adjustments.

White box version- testing for scale

Once I felt good about scale and parts, I sent a working version the tower to Drew so he could use it while making the sculpts-in particular how the ladder was going to fit into the process. There was some fun back and forth on that. Yay collaboration!

While drew was sculpting, I took the practical white box version and then added the pretty art to it. Like getting the white box right, this went through several revs, both in the vector line drawing and then making test cuts for fitting, and adjusting.

I've imported the manuscript images for reference. You can see the White box layout on the right.

At one of the stages I decided that the door did not need to be cut out and just caused more distraction instead of the intended 2D/3D feel I was looking for.


Finally, I put some together, and did a quick prime job on one to get painted up in the next couple of days.

Usually only the Monks get to see this angle

Primed and ready for some paint action.

And there you have it! Once I get the castings of the minis that go with this, I'll make any final adjustments if needed (like putting holes in the base where the ladder goes).

Thanks for coming on this journey with me- let me know if you like this kind of behind the scenes, and if you have questions- please ask!

And if you like what you see, come check out my Killer Rabbits 2 Kickstarter- and get your own Siege tower set! 





Killer Rabbits 2: Who Lettith the Hounds Out?

Cry Havoc! 

I'm working on the next Kickstarter, Killer Rabbits 2, featuring the thing most requested from the first Killer Rabbits Kickstarter- more hounds!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the "greens" master sculpts that Drew Day Williams has done for me.
Hound commander mounted on hare

The Jousting! Who to root for? 
two of the 10 hounds for the Kickstar's core set. 

Ooh shiny- but when does it launch?

Glad you asked. The goal is to go live first week of August. But with a Pandemic and everything going on, I'm not committing to a hard day yet. Stay tuned for more!