Thorngrim and Company: Space Scrappers


“Thorngrim and Company, at your Service.”

Jorvik Thorngrim is a high-caliber Rogue Trader and leader of an elite company of “Scrappers” - a hearty mix of dwarf miners and warriors - who specialize in exploring space hulks and asteroids for untold treasures and alien technologies.  Because of his status within the Adeptera and the nature of his work on the fringes of the galaxy, he is accompanied by an Astrogater called G4NDF to help explore and map the unknown.

The real reason Thorgrim became a Rogue Trader is his search for the fabled hearthcore of his clan, taken by a Void Demon that destroyed his belter colony home world. He may appear to be an adventurer, but at heart he just wants to reestablish a new home for his people.  In order to succeed, Thorngrim must first find the hearthstone.

Concept art for my upcoming Space Scrappers Kickstarter. 

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