Thorgrim and Company: Space Scrappers WIP


Thorgrim and Company: Space Scrappers- 

So, starting a new project. I've always loved the old space dwarves from GW, in particular the original guy they did in full armor, with what looks to be a pepper box multi laser type gun.  So, with the help of Drew Williams in the role of the sculptor, and Aaron Howdle as the dashing young concept artist, I'm building up a set of minis, based on a particular adventure party of which I am also very fond. 

Different Roles: 

All of our hero scrappers have a job to do, as they roam the galaxy with the Rogue Trader Thorgrim, finding lost treasures and adventures.  I'm breaking the roles into the following: Finders, Blasters, Clearers, and Cutters.   

These greens are our first delvings into the roles- how they look, what kinds of armor and tools/weapons make sense for the role, and of course each having a personality. 

That's all for now- stay tuned as I develop more of this upcoming adventure. 

The O.G. space dwarf (not my paint job- but I love it) 

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