Lightbox backdrops: Space Interiors


Space Lightbox Backdrop

I needed a backdrop to shoot scenario and other pictures for my upcoming Space Scrappers Kickstarter. I've already been working on a space tile set, so I had the ground floor (one of the large room tiles) and built a stage wall to go with it. 

Base wall piece made from parts, and the obligatory straw

example of painted room tile. all the details are lasercut in.

I built a back stop that "clicks" onto the floor tile using my puzzle system, and just lean the wall flat up against it. This way I can story it very easily, as it all break down. 

Here in these last pics you can see the hallway section connected, and a door piece WIP. 

And there you go- just add actors and lighting!  


  1. Nicely done Thomas. Hope you can make it to one of the Galactic Heroes Games at SBGC

    1. Thanks Mr. B- In fact, we are writing scenarios for GH that will be part of my Kickstarter!