Grimy Green Ghostly Skeleton Revenants


Kevin Dallimore wrote this fine article on a variant of painting undead Revanants for Oathmark, and I wanted to try it out on my Triumph of Death skeletons. 

The basic gist is to paint up the minis quickly (but cleanly) using shades of grey, and a mix of gold and silver for the metals. Then liberally apply washes of Army painter greentone quick shade. 

I kept laying on glazes, but then found my self wiping parts off. I then just went for it and I think after a total of 4 glazes called it good. 

This shot is a great side by side of how I normally paint my skellies. All in all I really like the technique and it does go quite quickly. I'll end up doing a full unit of them, maybe a few. 

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