Queen Victoria's Robot Wars: the Not Salute Report

A Robot Royal in Peril!

Empress V, Queen Victoria's personal automaton envoy has been shot down by the Nefarious Baron Bomburust and his Cytherian (the Victorian word for Venusian) hordes.  Can the Royal Robot Brigades rescue her in time?

Empress V and her robo Corgi
the lady from every angle! Yay Woodens! 

As there was no Salute this year (along with so many other things in the world) I wanted to show off some of the "actors" that would have featured in the game I was going to run this year. The main focus of the game was a rescue of the Empress crashed in the center of the 10 x 12 foot floor top game table, and using my Wooden Wars rules- which of course means bouncing real rubber balls into your opponent's troops to knock them over. (See my Wooden Wars links to the right for more).

Captain Schilling, formerly of the Rapa-nui Regulars, rescues the Empress

The Baddies

Baron Bomburst's troops consist of his own robotic inventions, and a horde of the indiginous Cytherian hordes- giants all!

V.O.G.'s or Venusian Otherworldly Gentlemen lead the robots

The Heroes! 

And lastly, some of the Queen's own troops. Stalwart lads all with proper regulation mustachios.

Summing Up! 

Although I am bummed that I've not had the chance to run a a game of Wooden Wars for you all at Salute this year,there are much more important things to worry about and be thankful for, like my currently healthy friends and family.   I'll get to to run this next year, which gives me time to make it even shinier- and hope to see you all there!

Cheers! Stay safe and be well.

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  1. That looks cool, and nice paint jobs.